Kengertech Kangertech Top Evod Kengertech Kangertech Top Evod Kengertech Kangertech Top Evod
Kengertech Kangertech Top Evod Kengertech Kangertech Top Evod Kengertech Kangertech Top Evod

Kangertech Top Evod


The TOP EVOD Starter Kit features a simple to use one-button design that is perfect for you. The TOP EVOD Kit features an incredible slim and sleek design designed for new vapers, casual users, or simply users that are constantly on the go.

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About the Kangertech Top EVOD

  • 650mAh battery
  • Tank capacity: 1.7ml
  • Vertical Organic Cotton Coil Head (VOCC-T)
  • Safety features: low resistance protection, short circuit protection, overcharge protection
  • Simple one button operation
  • Length (assembled): 128.5mm / 5.06in
  • Width: 14mm / 0.55in


About the KangerTech Top EVOD Kit

The Top EVOD vape kit by KangerTech is the much anticipated upgrade to the famous EVOD kit - featuring a slim build and simple one-button operation. Now with top-fill functionality thanks to new Pyrex and stainless-steel built TOPTANK EVOD tank, this vape pen might just be what you're looking for if you're after something that's small, lightweight, discreet and simple to use.

Kangertech EVOD Battery

To switch the battery on/off, click the fire button 5 times (within 2 seconds). This is now a standard feature in most e-cigarette kits and it serves the purpose of ensuring your device doesn't fire by itself when it's being carried around in a bag, pocket etc. The 650mAh capacity should see you through a day of vaping with depending on use - we estimate around 4-6 hours with regular to moderate use.

To charge the battery, screw on the supplied USB charger and plug into a USB port or USB wall socket. The light on the charger will illuminate red whilst charging and will switch to green when fully charged.


To change the VOCC-T coil, unscrew the bottom portion of the tank to remove the coil base. Unscrew the old coil and replace with a fresh one. It's always a good idea to "prime" new coils by dripping a few drops of e-liquid directly onto the wicking holes on the side of the coil head. Allow to sit for 5 minutes after filling.

To fill your tank, simply unscrew the top of the tank and pour e-liquid around the sides making sure you do not get any juice down the centre pipe. After filling, allow the tank to sit for 5 minutes before vaping to ensure the coil absorbs enough juice.

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